Mobile Router
Managed mobile WiFi router that brings plug-and-play connectivity to any environment. Use the pre-installed AT&T nano-SIM with three data plan options for LTE data, or bring your own AT&T nano-SIM.

LTE category 4 mobile WiFi router

Pre-installed AT&T nano-SIM*

VPN client routing

Automatic failover between LTE and wired WAN

(2) GbE ports with (1) PoE output**

Powered using PoE, USB Type-C, or 4-pin DC power socket

Integrated GPS

Optional Mobility Cloud subscription***

*Works with the AT&T network in the United States. LTE data plan options with the pre-installed AT&T SIM are $15/month for 1 GB, $30/month for 5 GB, or $70/month for 20 GB of data, plus $15 for each additional GB. Bring your own AT&T SIM with device version 1.5.0 and later; update out-of-the-box using the pre-installed SIM's free trial or with wired WAN.
**PoE+ input required for PoE passthrough.
***Mobility Cloud offers secure remote access and full management through the UniFi Mobility Portal for $2/month per Mobile Router. Mobility Cloud is not required when using your own nano-SIM. Basic management, such as WiFi configuration, is always available with local access through the UniFi mobile app when connected to a Mobile Router’s WiFi.

Mobile Router Table Stand