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Network Video Recorder Pro


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Here are some comparable alternatives that will give your UniFi deployment the functionality you're looking for.

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Product Features

Optimize your camera security

The UNVR Pro is designed to support the most demanding, multi-camera systems.

Immense Storage Capacity
Install up to seven multi-terabyte HDDs (2.5 or 3.5")
Fast Fiber Connectivity
Create high-speed connections to your Protect cameras and UniFi devices
Plug & Play Design
Run UniFi Protect instantly after setup
Instant Data Protection
Protect your drive data with automatic HDD configurations
Reliable Backup Power
Keep your UNVR Pro running through power failure

Ample HD and 4K video storage

Access high-resolution recordings when you need them.

*With an 8 TB HDD installed in each bay.

Reclaim your power

Stay operational through sudden power failure by connecting to the

USP RPS* or Switch Mission Critical**
* Sold separately ** Coming soon

See how long you can store your footage

Storage duration will vary based on camera count and preferred image quality. Use the tool below to approximate yours.

4k Cameras
HD Cameras
Storage for
${daysReal} days*
* ${days} days' of continuous motion
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