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Product Features

Redundant WAN over LTE

Provides backup cellular internet connectivity to ensure your UniFi WAN networks is always running.


PoE powered, easy to deploy WAN over LTE failover solution with an integrated
AT&T LTE network subscription.

US users
External antenna
2x2 LTE radio
24/7 backup
connection availability
PoE Powered with
PoE Passthrough

Seamless, non-intrusive design

Wall-mount your UniFi LTE easily with its mounting bracket. Adhesive and desktop-mounting options are also available.

Ports for any use case

U-LTE-US has a port for the external antenna,
PoE Out, and PoE In

External Connector for RP-SMA Antenna

High-gain antenna for a long-range application

Ethernet Port for PoE Out

Used for network bridging and PoE passthrough to a device

Ethernet Port for PoE In

Connect to a PoE switch in a network providing DHCP service

Seamless network integration

Connect to any port on network and Dream Machine will automagically recognize and setup.

Streamlined UniFi Network connectivity

Mount your ULTE device anywhere with a strong LTE signal and adopt it to your UniFi Network in minutes. The ULTE device will instantly create a secure tunnel to your UniFi Dream Machine device and appear in your UniFi Network application.

Seamless integration into any
UniFi deployment

Tactically specify which of your networks
require backup LTE connectivity.

Ensure uninterrupted Internet
access with AT&T 4G LTE*

Keep your home or business connected 24/7.

Cat 4 LTE Module (4G)


Peak Download Rate
Peak Upload Rate

Embedded AT&T SIM card for plug-and-play LTE support

Once plugged into the LAN, the device is adopted by the UniFi Network application and an LTE data plan is activated.*

* U-LTE-US only works in the US. Network speeds will vary depending on AT&T's coverage of the device's location.

Simple and affordable pricing

Monthly subscription paid with a credit card covers all services.

Monthly Subscription


1 GB included in subscription plan

Just plug in to any switch port in your corporate network, activate the device by selecting a plan and entering payment information, and enjoy the first 1 GB on us. The price plan is $15/month (includes 1 GB) and is $10 per additional GB.

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