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Moving Beyond the Conventional Wireless Network with UniFi Mesh

Why Mesh? As demand for internet connectivity has grown exponentially- and with it the portability of client devices- it’s become normal to expect better internet in more places. These expectations have extended past what we used to think was reasonable, to places and devices that ethernet cables or routers couldn’t...

UniFi Group Configuration

In UniFi Controller versions 5.3.X and later, we added a feature called Group Configuration. Group Configuration allows network administrators to configure entire groups of UniFi APs at once. This post will provide an overview of how this feature works and how it can be useful.  Group Configuration offers particular value to large-scale deployments,...

UniFi Mesh Technology Now Shipping!

Expand the limits of wide-area Wi-Fi. UniFi® Mesh technology simplifies Wi‑Fi infrastructure deployments by enabling nearly unlimited application use including towns, stadiums, conference halls, and concert venues.

When Will We Hit The Limits of Gigabit Ethernet with Wi-Fi?

Since the advent of the Internet, a number of technological improvements were necessary to facilitate the speeds that users have come to expect. From dial-up to DSL, from 802.11b to 802.11ac, to name a few- these changes have helped enrich Internet experience and accessibility. Similarly Wi-Fi brought much added convenience over wired...