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UniFi Smart Power Plug


    • The UniFi SmartPower Plug is a device installed between the AC outlet and the power plug of an internet modem or router. The UniFi Network Controller continuously monitors availability of an internet connection. If the connection drops, the UniFi SmartPower Plug automatically restarts the modem or router by disconnecting power for a short period of time.


      • Reboots the third-party internet modem or router when the UniFi Network Controller detects it is offline
      • Works with various internet connectivity devices featuring a US AC plug, including cable modems, DSL routers, and optical network terminals
      • Seamlessly integrates into the UniFi network and managed as a UniFi device
      • Adopted over Wi-Fi with UniFi Network Controller or UniFi Network app
      • Multi-function button features status information, power on/off, and factory reset

      UniFi Smart Power Plug compatibility for adaption:
      - UniFi Dream Machine Pro with an UniFi Access Point
      - UniFi Dream Machine
      - UniFi Security Gateway with an UniFi Access Point

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