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UniFi Mesh Technology Now Shipping!

Breakthrough Wi-Fi Mesh Technology

Expand the limits of wide-area Wi-Fi. UniFi® Mesh technology simplifies Wi‑Fi infrastructure deployments by enabling nearly unlimited application use including towns, stadiums, conference halls, and concert venues.


Outdoor Connectorized AP

The compact UniFi AC Mesh AP is a dual-band 802.11AC 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi Access Point with adjustable dual-band omni antennas.


Antenna Versatility

The UniFi AC Mesh AP easily integrates with a variety of our airMAX® sector and omni antennas for expanded range coverage and customized pattern shaping, providing the flexibility needed for optimal stadium and concert venue deployments.


Outdoor 3×3 MIMO AP

The weather-resistant UniFi AC Mesh Pro AP is a dual-band 802.11AC 3×3 MIMO Wi-Fi Access Point with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and integrated dual-band omni antennas. It is ideal for covering large outdoor spaces requiring omnidirectional coverage.


Optimal Performance

The UniFi AC Mesh Pro AP features dual-band performance with aggregate speeds of up to 1750 Mbps.


UniFied IT Management

UniFi creates a highly scalable, end-to-end system of devices spanning multiple locations across the world — all controlled by a single interface accessed via the Internet or local network.